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When your lake or pond has very poor water quality, muck, sludge, and odors, nitrifiers used in conjunction with Bio-Zyme powder of Bio-Zyme EcoSocks might be the only solution. Nitrifiers are specialized, highly concentrated, powerful bacteria that attack ammonia and nitrate, and also help to bind phosphates. Bio-Zyme Nitrifiers are packaged in a case of (2) 2.5-gallon jugs. Some claim that their powders contain "nitrifiers", but don't be fooled. It is impossible to freeze-dry nitrifiers. Insist on the real thing, Bio-Zyme Nitrifier. One gallon of Nitrifiers per acre is the standard dosage.


Bio-Zyme Liquid Nitrifier includes: 1 case with (2) 2.5 gal jugs of Nitrifiers (5 gallons), shipping inclded.

Bio-Zyme Liquid Nitrifier

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