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What Is Bio-Zyme?

The essential ingredient in keeping our

water sources clean & healthy

Bio-Zyme is a combination of bacteria and micronutrients that makes Bio-Zyme the most powerful, complete and effective  system of bacterial augmentation system to balance nutrient levels, to clean water and reduce muck in water bodies.

Bio-Zyme Is Scalable

The Bio-Zyme system can be effectively scaled from the smallest lake to the size of Lake Okeechobee.

Bio-Zyme Is Economical
 Bio-Zyme significantly reduces the need for expensive dredgof muck saving thousands of dollars in maintaining water assets.  It also reduces the need for costly chemicals such as  copper in treating lakes.
Bio-Zyme Is Safe

Bio-Zyme is not a chemical. Bio-Zyme is a natural combination of bacteria that are already  in lakes. It will not harm plants or animals.

Bio-Zyme Has a Proven Track Record

Data compiled on lakes, ponds, and STAs over a ten-year period have proven that the Bio-Zyme system reduces  muck, phosphorusand nitrogen levels in waterbodies,  keeping  them healthy and problem free.


For large lakes, the most and efficient system is to mix the powder Bio-Zyme form using a bio-generator. A bio-generator brews up the Bio-Zyme multiplying the bacteria millions of times. The "brewed" bacteria can be distributed directly from the bio-generator or by  sprayer, boat, or airboat.

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