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Aquatic Balance's mission is to provide quality, environmentally friendly lake management services,  based on established science, to keep our customers lakes clean, heathy and problem free.

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Lake Management Services

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  1. Aeration

  2. Fountains

  3. Aquatic Planting

  4. Littoral Maintenance

  5. Environmental Restoration

  6. Lake Maintenance Service Programs

  7. Bio-Generator Installation & Maintenance

The Bio-Zyme System

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 From quarter acres ponds, to STA’s to large multi-acre lakes; our staff's expertise can custom tailor the exact Bio-Zyme system to meet your situation.


A Bio-Zyme system can be  efficiently and cost effectively adapted to keep your lake clean and healthy.

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Bulk Powder
Our Products 

  •   Bio-Zyme Generator Bags

  •   Bio-Zyme EcoSock

  •   BioTom

  •   Areators & Fountains             

  •   Skeeeter Mosquito & Midge Control

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